Cryptocurrency Information Aggregator

The idea was to have a one-stop shop for all things cryptocurrency, with news, real-time pricing, events, research articles, portfolio tracking, wallet tracking and other features. A group of friends and I originally built this for ourselves and decides to launch it to the public when cryptocurrency started getting a large following. The site is on autopilot now and has 200+ feeds integrated into it. We have 3,000+ users and well over a million pageviews since August 2017 with no advertising.


Dev, Launch, Interate

This was a really fun project in that we took an idea and making it tangible product in a few months, all the way from the logo to the finished product. It uses a completely custom WordPress backend and is fully automated (other than the featured news, which admins can do by 'favoriting' newsworthy stories). This project is a hobby of mine and nothing more.

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