Real-time dashboards

The idea came from not wanting to throw out an older Dell laptop I used in college, so I searched online for some fun DIY projects where I could somehow repurpose the screen. I came across a few good articles on how to create magic mirrors but decided to create a vertical counter-top display that was on all the time and showed relevant information to what the family had going on for the day. I coded out this page to have the most important things stacked in a single column layout. Weather, our calendars, traffic, how the markets are doing and radar at the bottom so we could see if a storm was coming. I wanted the frame to be as thin and sleek as possible and I ended up just staining the wood a nice color with a wedge shape in the back to hide the Raspberry Pi mini computer and all the wires. I've built a few of these for friends and family as gifts and they absolutely love them.

Although these are just fun side projects, it goes to show that anything can be live-fed into a webapge these days. I personally think every business owner should have a real-time dashboard in their office to show their business' KPIs, sales figures, inventory and any other key data that would impact a daily decision. I keep a dashboard on my desk that shows my work calendar and a realtime map of anyone on my website, so I know if I'm chasing a lead in Florida, they may be checking me out. There's a special feeling you get when you have a pulse on what's going on. If you want to discuss creating a custom dashboard for your business or yourself, please reach out!

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