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Houston Web Developer

I graduated from the University of Houston and started my career working in big ad agencies. After going solo in 2014 I've found helping small businesses solve problems online is what I'm into. My goal is to help optimize your website and online processes to save you time, money and frustration. I also specialize in agile development, efficient project management and agency overflow. My wife and I have one son and two pups.

If you need a hard-working, on-time, fair-priced, hyphen loving web developer, I'm available.


Websites, landing pages, e-mails, display ads, anything on a screen. Starting with a problem and finding the most effective solution is what drives me. A lot of times simple solutions can solve complex problems.


Brand identity, business cards, landing pages and anything that helps your business look great. I work with a network of graphic designers that have an eye for making your business look way bigger than it is.

Digital Campaigns

I've developed animated banner advertisements for huge agencies for over 5 years. If you need to advertise your product on the internet, I do that too. I specialize in working with media buyers and traffickers.



Cal helped us get our new business launched and looking great! I really appreciate his ‘hands-on’ and collaborative approach and understanding our business goals. He’s got us looking bigger and better than our competitors. Worth every penny.

B2B Safety

Calvin Hart has been creating and managing my company websites for years and does an amazing job! I just started a new business and Calvin has done a great job making my vision of this website a reality as well as giving me helpful tips. Thank you Calvin for all you have done for me over the years. You are the best!


I have worked with Calvin to develop digital campaigns and websites for over 7 years. The reason is that I have yet to find something that he's not capable of doing a great job at, and maybe even more importantly he's THE most reliable developer I've ever worked with in my 20 year professional history.

Lawton Outlaw

Calvin Hart is the best developer we have ever worked with and it's not even close. His focus on finding solutions, expertise in a myriad of platforms and his willingness to learn new technology make him an invaluable resource. We see him as an extension of our organization and could not recommend him more highly.


I could not be happier with the work that Calvin did for us in such a short period of time. We were on a deadline and he got it done... ahead of schedule. His responsiveness, work ethic and ability to see the big picture make him a delight to work with.

McKenzie Drake

Calvin has played an instrumental role in the growth of our online business the past five years. He is not only a brilliant programmer, he is a great guy who is extremely professional and easy to work with. Calvin is very dedicated and passionate about his work, and clearly takes pride in doing things the right way. Thank you for everything Calvin!

Red Tuna Shirt Club

Core Beliefs


I believe in agile project management, so let's get something launched and constantly improve it. Short, iterative phases will help us constantly improve your web presence and allow us to adapt to the ever-changing customer you're after.


"Your most valuable asset is your time." Yes, I do websites and web stuff, but at the core is a desire to optimize the impact your web process has on your daily routine. Investing in allowing you the time to grow is key.


You'd be amazed what can be automated these days, especially for free. You use tons of software - make them talk to eachother. This includes marketing - I love making stuff happen automatically - your business should too.

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